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What Can Your Tires Tell You About Your Car?

Tires are the silent, nameless heroes of your car, and your personal safety. They’re often overlooked as vital features to a vehicle, particularly as safety items, thanks to all the other neat accessories cars have these days (i.e. cup holders). (more…)
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3 Winter Driving Safety Tips

Living in Toronto offers fantastic architecture, amazing restaurants, endless culture, and exciting sports. It’s not difficult to fall in love with our city. But when you’re ambushed by a blizzard on the 401, it’ll make you wish you lived anywhere else in the world. Even (shudder) Vancouver! Winter roads in…
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6 Wheely Awesome Facts About Tires

If you can’t get enough information about wheels – or, you don’t get quickly ‘tired’ of them – these wheely awesome facts about tires are just for you. (more…)
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Do I Really Need Winter Tires in Toronto?

It’s an annual, autumnal custom in Toronto. Thousands of city folk agonize as to whether they should get winter tires now, or if they should await the first signs of snow. (more…)
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